1. wedding are boring

  2. my jam

  3. How youu doin?

  4. (Source: itsaboutbreezy)

  5. oreos = bliss

  6. the quote - “there are plenty of fish in the sea, but i suck at fishing” seemed like an appropriate caption here

  8. There is a load of funny shiz out there

  9. This image pretty much sums up the thoughts going through my head each time I see a six pack.

  10. to all my scottish homies out there

  11. lagvilava7:



  12. Nothing good happens after 2am

    It’s 2.47am

    I am alone in bed. No one to talk to except my empty bottle of wine. This is possibly the worse it’s gets right?

    Is something fundamentally wrong with me?


  13. impeccabletasteinmusic:

    Coldplay | Magic

    Call it magic, cut me into two.

  14. Rack of ribs and a bottle of wine please 😂

  15. I miss this beautiful place 😞